Why I go to Restaurants, Movies, and Bars by Myself…

There’s something about walking into a place by yourself and saying table for one, one for the 7pm show please, or asking someone at the bar if “this seat is taken” and taking it for yourself. You’re not looking around waiting for anyone but you’re just in the moment doing what you want and enjoying every second of it. 

When I’m at a restaurant, I sit at the bar and order way to much food. Then I  people watch and guess their stories. The best part, is watching people watching me knowing that they’re wondering why I’m there by myself.  I always look at those people and smile.

When I’m at the movies, I pick the girliest one. The one that’ll make me cry and, I cry alot.  I also eat alot of popcorn and gummy bears, and no one judges me. Most importantly, no one talks to me in the middle of the movie. #winning

When I go to a bar, I walk in with my favorite pair of high heels and that one outfit I know I look good in. I always sit at the counter and order a cocktail and talk to the bartender. Talking to the bartender often leads to great conversations and memorable nights as more people walk in. Since they speak to so many people in the night they can easily spot the good guys from the bad ones. And we’re all tired of the bad ones, so it’s nice to have a bartender on your side and heavy handed drinks.

Doing things solo isn’t for everyone, but it’s important to learn to be by yourself. There’s power in it that makes you feel like you can conquer the world (at least it does for me) especially after you do something by yourself that you wouldn’t necessarily want to do. Getting to know yourself by doing solo activities every once in awhile is one of the best things you can do for you…and that is why I go to restaurants, movies, and bars by myself. Why do you go?

Xo, Kelli @kellithinks on instagram