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The Single Girl Loves BKLYN

“Trump Hates Brunch” and “Trump Hates Rosé”. Political satire at it’s best brought to you by the the clever team over at Loves BKLYN. BUT there’s much more to this brand then just Trump Hates Whatever…

The concept actually began with MTL Loves BKLYN.

Kevin and Luke, the faces behind the brand and former geography majors, were in Montreal for a bachelor party taking in the city’s culture and scene and noticed the feel was very much like Brooklyn, determining that these two cities were sister cities.

Sister City: A city that is linked to another, usually for the purposes of cultural exchange.

Brooklyn:  One of the Burroughs of NYC (The Cultural Melting Pot) and perfect hub because of it’s rising popularity and distinct cultural environment and style.

Geography and Fashion Intertwined.

The hope was by connecting different sister cities with Brooklyn they could create a “movement of appreciation” between different cities connecting cultures and people with fashion.

And I would say they’ve accomplished this.

So whether you Love BKLYN or want to start an important political conversation with a Trump Hates t-shirt. Loves BKLYN has something for you.

Check out their website here!


Xo, Kelli @kellithinks on instagram


Photo Credit : @tielstephanie on Instagram

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Say Yes to Local Boutiques

Some of my favorite stores are found off the beaten path. Locally owned boutiques are often the best! Not only do they offer something different from your typical off the rack items found in every day department stores, but often times you get to connect with whoever actually owns the store making for a much more personable shopping experience. Why would you want to go somewhere to buy something that everyone else is going to have? I’d rather not if I can help it. If you’re in Portland, OR or NYC or LOVE to shop online, you should check out the below two stores!

  1. Breighela James Boutique

They describe themselves as an eclectic boutique, and I would expect nothing less considering they’re based in Portland. When I walked into this store after a stressful day of working, all my problems instantly melted away. The number of quirky, fun, fashion forward pieces this boutique offers is amazing! And what’s even better is that they carry local Portland designers as well. I felt like I got the full “hipster” experience when I walked into the store. And the customer service can’t be beat, nothing like the feeling of shopping with an old friend. AND I liked that they carried XS, being a petite female finding things in my size can often times be a problem!

Shop them on instagram @brieghelajamesboutique


Photograph: One of Breighela James Boutique’s Carried Items, Rogue:Minx – Anne Velvet Suspender Shorts in Copper. (T-Shirt not from BJB)

2. Brooklyn Bleu

Coined Fierce. Fabulous. Fun. Brooklyn Bleu is everything you would want from your vintage shopping experience. Located in the famed Artists and Fleas shopping community in Chelsea and Soho, Brooklyn Bleu knows how to compete with trends. But funny enough, they aren’t competing at all because they’re in a league of their own. With pieces from collections they’ve named re.fresh, dainty, gatsby, and statement, you’re sure to find something that fits your style without the clutter of some other vintage stores. They truly offer something for everyone and in a wide range of prices too. From jewelry to clothing to purses whatever piece you choose will be truly unique and help you take a step back through time in whatever moment you choose to be fierce, fabulous, or fun.

Shop them on instagram @brooklynbleuny

FullSizeRender-1                FullSizeRender

Photograph: Earrings are from the Dainty Collection (1970s). Necklace is from the Gatsby Collection (1940s-1960s).


Xo, Kelli @kellithinks on instagram




Thrift Shop Threads – “Jet Rag”

I LOVE to shop! So when starting this blog, I was trying to figure out new ways to share truly unique looks that wouldn’t break the bank. One thing that I thought would be fun was searching through Thrift Shops.

The first store I decided to venture through is called Jet Rag and it is located at 825 N La Brea in Los Angeles. This store is massive!! So when you get here, make sure you’re ready to search!

Here are a couple of things I learned from my first thrift shop experience that I want to share with you…

1. You might have to take multiple laps around the store. 

When I finally found the skirt I ended up purchasing it wasn’t until I passed through the second time that I saw my diamond in the rough.

2. Have an idea of what you’re looking for ahead of time.

Because I was searching aimlessly, it made it a lot harder to pinpoint what I was looking for. Mostly because I didn’t know. I came in with a “when I see it I’ll know” attitude which in a store that big you could be there for hours. So have an idea or plan to be there awhile!

3. Try on things you normally wouldn’t.

If something looks remotely interesting to you on the floor, GRAB IT!! There’s no harm in trying things on and seeing what’ll work for your body type and what won’t.

4. Know you might have to tailor some pieces to fit you.

Not everything will be a perfect fit, if you like something enough, know that you might have to take it in or up a bit. I think I got pretty lucky with my skirt and it’ll just be a simple hem in the waist, but I might not always get that lucky!

If you happen to live in LA and stop at Jet Rag, I’d love to see your finds, comment or tag me in your pictures. Happy Shopping!



The Single Girl Life

Welcome to The Single Girl Life! A blog where I write about everything this single female has on her mind. Men fortunately or unfortunately take up a lot of my mind time. So, I’ll be writing about them of course. “Quick Note To…” will be all about my guy mishaps and unfortunate situations and  “Missed Connections” will be about cute guys I encountered in public and didn’t chat with but wish I did. We’ve all had one or two or three of those…lol. Traveling as a single female has also been a huge part of my life, so I’ll be sharing some of those adventures, travel secrets, and places I wish to adventure with you! And, growing up acting and modeling, Fashion and Beauty have been a HUGE part of my life, so I’ll share my fun thrift shop finds, beauty products, must have items, and dream items with you! This blog isn’t just for the single it’s also for the single at heart because we should never forget who we are even in relationships. Who’s ready to read on? Can’t wait to interact with all of you! 🙂 Kelli