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The Single Girl Loves BKLYN

“Trump Hates Brunch” and “Trump Hates Rosé”. Political satire at it’s best brought to you by the the clever team over at Loves BKLYN. BUT there’s much more to this brand then just Trump Hates Whatever…

The concept actually began with MTL Loves BKLYN.

Kevin and Luke, the faces behind the brand and former geography majors, were in Montreal for a bachelor party taking in the city’s culture and scene and noticed the feel was very much like Brooklyn, determining that these two cities were sister cities.

Sister City: A city that is linked to another, usually for the purposes of cultural exchange.

Brooklyn:  One of the Burroughs of NYC (The Cultural Melting Pot) and perfect hub because of it’s rising popularity and distinct cultural environment and style.

Geography and Fashion Intertwined.

The hope was by connecting different sister cities with Brooklyn they could create a “movement of appreciation” between different cities connecting cultures and people with fashion.

And I would say they’ve accomplished this.

So whether you Love BKLYN or want to start an important political conversation with a Trump Hates t-shirt. Loves BKLYN has something for you.

Check out their website here!


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Rosé All Day. But Why?

Rosé. The Pink Wine that became much more then just our favorite summer beverage. And definitely became MY FAVORITE type of wine to drink all year long.

Rosé All Day x 365 = ME

But what draws us to this pretty pink wine? Hmm….

Is it the color? Pink is pretty amazing.

The fact that when you drink it, it brings back your favorite summer memories?  Sunbathing on Villafranche Beach while sipping rosé on the French Riviera 2016 we’re talking about you!

The crisp, refreshing taste? Umm yeah, it’s pretty good!

Or is it the clever names and packaging? We have a winner!

We’ve already established that I’m going to buy because it’s pink and it helps me re-live my summer memories and it tastes pretty good because Rosé All Day is a lifestyle people! So, really the only thing standing between me and enjoying a delicious bottle of rosé is what packaging and name I like best. And if that makes me basic, I’m okay with that. We can’t all be fancy wine people.

Check out my 3 Favorite Rosés with pretty fantastic names and packaging below (Click on link to purchase from Bevmo, or just visit your favorite wine store)…

  1. Gerard Bertrand – Cote des Roses . The bottom of the bottle is in the shape of a rose people, soo amazing!!!
  2. D’Esclans – Whispering Angel . Whispering Angel just sounds soo romantic! AND Matthew Gray Gubler offered me a glass after saying it was one of his favorites. So it’s one of my favorites now too!
  3. Babe – Rose with Bubbles.  The top of the packaging says STAY BASIC and it’s in a can so you can bring it anywhere. Oh, and it was on Oprah’s 2016 List of Party Must Haves. Need we say more? #micdrop


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Photo Credit : @tielstephanie on Instagram

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Why I go to Restaurants, Movies, and Bars by Myself…

There’s something about walking into a place by yourself and saying table for one, one for the 7pm show please, or asking someone at the bar if “this seat is taken” and taking it for yourself. You’re not looking around waiting for anyone but you’re just in the moment doing what you want and enjoying every second of it. 

When I’m at a restaurant, I sit at the bar and order way to much food. Then I  people watch and guess their stories. The best part, is watching people watching me knowing that they’re wondering why I’m there by myself.  I always look at those people and smile.

When I’m at the movies, I pick the girliest one. The one that’ll make me cry and, I cry alot.  I also eat alot of popcorn and gummy bears, and no one judges me. Most importantly, no one talks to me in the middle of the movie. #winning

When I go to a bar, I walk in with my favorite pair of high heels and that one outfit I know I look good in. I always sit at the counter and order a cocktail and talk to the bartender. Talking to the bartender often leads to great conversations and memorable nights as more people walk in. Since they speak to so many people in the night they can easily spot the good guys from the bad ones. And we’re all tired of the bad ones, so it’s nice to have a bartender on your side and heavy handed drinks.

Doing things solo isn’t for everyone, but it’s important to learn to be by yourself. There’s power in it that makes you feel like you can conquer the world (at least it does for me) especially after you do something by yourself that you wouldn’t necessarily want to do. Getting to know yourself by doing solo activities every once in awhile is one of the best things you can do for you…and that is why I go to restaurants, movies, and bars by myself. Why do you go?

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Best Brunch Spots With A View

Brunch: A way to drink Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s at 11am and not be judged for it.

Living in any big city there are always numerous options of places you can go to have your choice of brunch fare. But how do you choose the right place? Do you pick the trendiest spot? The one with the best drink specials? The one closest to your house? Well how about choosing the one with the best view?

The best part about brunch is being with your friends…laughing, enjoying good conversation, great food, and even better cocktails. I’d prefer to do all that while enjoying a great view as well, wouldn’t you?

Below are three places in Los Angeles that have a fabulous view so that you can enjoy your friends, eat good food, and take great pics too (Didn’t think we forgot about that did you? :D)!

1. Mama Shelter – Colorful Comfortable Vibes, Hollywood Sign Views


2. Perch – Sophisticated Parisian Ambience, Downtown Views


3. Malibu Farm Cafe – Pacific Ocean Views On Malibu Pier



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Photo Credit : @tielstephanie on Instagram

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What to do when you think you’ve missed the Cuffing Season window…

The Holiday Season and Cold Weather is quickly approaching us if not already upon us, meaning Cuffing Season is here. For those not familiar with the term Urban Dictionary describes it as…

“During the Fall and Winter months people would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be  “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

So there you have it Cuffing Season.

But, what do you do when all your prospects have all of a sudden cuffed up with someone not you? After you delete them out of your phone forever (if they don’t want you during cuffing season, chances are they’re just not that into you), eat a pint of frozen yogurt with gummy bears and strawberries as toppings, do a little retail therapy, and boost your self esteem by seeing how many people you can match with on Bumble…try the below 5 Things that’ll leave you Cuffed with Yourself and not with some random dude (well only if you want to…) during this holiday season…

  1. Pick Up A Hobby – Learning to knit will give you something to do during the evenings and keep you cozily warm and stylish as well.
  2. Spin Your Heart Out – Soul Cycle (spinning) is the best exercise to do when it’s cold outside, the instructors will leave you feeling inspired and good about yourself as well! Not to mention you’ll have a leg up when bikini season comes around.
  3. Plan A New Year’s Adventure – Can there be a better New Years Resolution then being somewhere that  you normally wouldn’t be on the 31st of December? I think NOT. Adventure is good for the soul.
  4. Binge Watch and Chill – Preferably with a bottle of Rosé, a bag of popcorn, and gummy bears. Soo many good shows to choose from, Sex and the City, The Handmaid’s Tale, Harlots, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Client List have been some of my fave.
  5. Cuddle With Your Doggy – Or if you don’t have one, your friend’s doggy. They love you unconditionally and are always happy to see you. Much better then a boy! 🙂

Xo, Kelli @kellithinks on Instagram