“Your Solo Traveling Selfie Solution…Barcelona”

One of the biggest problems I have with solo traveling, even though I love it, is with how to take a decent photo without it being a selfie!

The only way to really take a non selfie is by finding someone that you can use…”Well, if you take one of me, I’ll take one of you!” on.

Or sometimes, you get lucky and there’s an older couple who says…”Sweetie, do you want your picture taken? We can take it for you!”. Usually with that though, as good intentioned as they may be, your photos don’t turn out exactly how you want them. And you can’t really ask them to take 25 photos just so you can get the perfect one.

Last year, when I visited Barcelona, I found a solution to my too many travel selfies problem! It’s really quite brilliant actually.

A Tour of the City AND Your Very Own Personal Photographer who takes photos of you at all the best tourist spots!

So, one of my favorite things to do when visiting any city is to Trip Advisor it and see what the best things in the city are to do and this particular tour called  Photo Shoot Tours (Link At Bottom) popped up. I was soo in! What girl doesn’t love getting her photo taken?

I decided to do the Gothic District Photo Shoot Tour. It was great! I learned the cliff notes and then some of this historic area. AND I got my picture taken in front of all the hot spots. My tour guide was knowledgeable and more importantly a great photographer! I would definitely do this again and I recommend everyone to take this tour if they can!

A Few Words Of Advice if you end up taking this particular tour…

  • Book a Morning Slot! It was so nice to not have to deal with HUGE tourists crowds.
  • Come Camera Ready (Hair and Make-up Done). Yes you’re on a tour, but these photos will come out Insta Worthy and Print and Frame in Your House Worthy too!
  • Strike a Pose and have fun! You’re on vacation, enjoy every minute of it!

What other cities besides Barcelona have you done photo shoot tours in?

Company Website:

Photos From the Tour:




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