Thrift Shop Threads – “Jet Rag”

I LOVE to shop! So when starting this blog, I was trying to figure out new ways to share truly unique looks that wouldn’t break the bank. One thing that I thought would be fun was searching through Thrift Shops.

The first store I decided to venture through is called Jet Rag and it is located at 825 N La Brea in Los Angeles. This store is massive!! So when you get here, make sure you’re ready to search!

Here are a couple of things I learned from my first thrift shop experience that I want to share with you…

1. You might have to take multiple laps around the store. 

When I finally found the skirt I ended up purchasing it wasn’t until I passed through the second time that I saw my diamond in the rough.

2. Have an idea of what you’re looking for ahead of time.

Because I was searching aimlessly, it made it a lot harder to pinpoint what I was looking for. Mostly because I didn’t know. I came in with a “when I see it I’ll know” attitude which in a store that big you could be there for hours. So have an idea or plan to be there awhile!

3. Try on things you normally wouldn’t.

If something looks remotely interesting to you on the floor, GRAB IT!! There’s no harm in trying things on and seeing what’ll work for your body type and what won’t.

4. Know you might have to tailor some pieces to fit you.

Not everything will be a perfect fit, if you like something enough, know that you might have to take it in or up a bit. I think I got pretty lucky with my skirt and it’ll just be a simple hem in the waist, but I might not always get that lucky!

If you happen to live in LA and stop at Jet Rag, I’d love to see your finds, comment or tag me in your pictures. Happy Shopping!


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