A Quick Note To...

A Quick Note to…And Lessons Other Boys Can Learn “Wing Man Era?”

This a quick note to the douche bag wearing a blue ombre buttoned t-shirt (buttoned all the way up) and then his cardigan wearing friend with a British accent at Bogies in Westlake Village.

So, it’s perfectly fine that neither of you wanted to flirt with me, and that you found my friend the object of both of your attentions. Although, I’m not quite sure how that works, do you guys share her?? But, here’s where I get a little sour, DO NOT make that girl’s friend feel like crap by blocking her out of the conversation entirely. You WILL NOT win. Mostly because, I was standing there like is this really happening right now? Who do these guys think they are? I might not be a blonde but I’m attractive in my own right.  And then I was pissed, did they both really just block me from dancing with my friend? And should I be mad at my friend for letting that happen? Anyway, I ended up leaving and my friend followed. But the real question here is…

What happened to the wing man era?

Isn’t one of you supposed to be into the “other girl “ who’s not being pursued? So that your friend has alone time to win the other girl over. Or is there no winning over anymore? Is it all just a game? Did Bumble, Tinder, and whatever new exclusive dating app ruin it for everyone.  I can only assume that there’s no wing man anymore because there are supposedly lots of options we can choose from and there doesn’t need to be, one can simply go to an app to find their next best thing.

I don’t know about you, but I miss the wing man. It was nice to watch from afar and see if your friend was going to be won over. Or to figure out mid convo that you weren’t being wing manned at all.

What do you think? Was this a one off? Or do you think this is true?

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