“The Only Two Reasons You Need to Know Why To Travel Solo…”

  1. You get to know yourself a little better

Often times we’re forced to be in group settings, there’s something to just being by yourself and truly being okay with that. Having to figure out how to get around, communicate, and bring yourself out of your comfort zone to meet fellow travelers is truly a beautiful thing.

  1. I Can Do What I Want

There’s no worry to please anyone but YOURSELF and I’m okay with that. If I want to spend all day looking for Louboutin stores in Paris, that’s what I’ll do. If I want to go out dancing all night in Barcelona and allow myself to get caught up whirlwind overseas romances, I’ll do that too! Spontaneity when traveling is also the BEST THING EVER! After all, we’re on vacation to relax and enjoy ourselves right?

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