Missed Connections

Missed Connections – Tacos Por Favor Guy

Hi, Tacos Por Favor Guy! I saw you on July 20th when you walked into this awesome taco establishment on Olympic next door to Coffee Bean. I noticed you right away, because you were the only guy in the taco shop wearing a suit. Justin Timberlake would be proud of you because you were on your suit and tie game. Anyway… I was sitting inside Tacos For Favor, with a Male Co-Worker, eating a chicken Hard Taco and Carne Asada Soft Taco (Maybe these details will help you remember me??)  and you walked by me and smiled. I looked away because lets be honest I’m sometimes very awkward around the male species. Especially attractive ones. Immediately I regretted it though and looked back. Did you notice? You then sat down at the high table by the window and ate your tacos silently and alone. I could only hope and wish this means you’re single too! And that you didn’t think I was on a date with my male co-worker. Anyway…I regret not saying hi that day and looking away awkwardly. If you read this, please reach out and let me know what salsa I had with my tacos so I know it’s you. Thanks!

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